As Cindy and Adam put more of a focus on the election during the month of October, they decided to kick it off by discussing a fairly controversial topic: the Second Amendment. 

They discuss what exactly the 2nd Amendment is, the reasons why individuals fiercely defend it or oppose it, and positions and ideas that fall somewhere in the middle. 

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On our last episode, we shared some of the resources and opportunities we have found to help make sure everyone's voice is heard in the upcoming election. Here are the links we mentioned: 
Step 1: Go to to check/update your own registration status, request an absentee ballot, find polling places, and become a poll worker. Get all of your options for voting and deadlines for your state. 
Step 2: Visit to Adopt a State and make phone calls/send texts to voters in swing states. In a lot of these states, the margins in 2016 were razor thin, and likely will be again. This program reaches out to undecided, first-time, and infrequent voters to make sure they have the information and motivation to vote in this election. 
Step 3: Volunteer to write letters to voters through or Your only cost is postage and envelopes. Help engage other voters AND support the USPS!
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